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What’s New with the New I-9

Posted by Tracker Corp on Feb 13, 2020 2:08:59 PM

The I-9 form is used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. The form must be completed by all US employers for every individual that they hire domestically. Both employees and employers are required to accurately complete the form. Failure to do so, or do so properly can result in an audit and/or fine.

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ICE's Audit Surge: What that Means for You and How Best to Prepare

Posted by Tracker Corp on Feb 7, 2020 10:39:25 AM

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE, is the enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security that is responsible for conducting Form I-9 audits. Over the past few years, the number of ICE Audits has increased substantially. During the Bush Administration, ICE was conducting roughly 400 audits per year. Under the Obama Administration, that number increased to nearly 2,500. In 2018, under the Trump Administration, ICE audits more than doubled. As the country continues to tighten its belt on immigration, this number is expected to continue to exponentially rise.

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Tracker Corp Announces Its New LCA Feature for Its Immigration Platform

Posted by Tracker Corp on Dec 12, 2019 11:22:27 PM

Launching in January 2020, Tracker Corp is releasing a new module for its immigration platform that will enable immigration professionals to electronically post and maintain their clients’ Labor Condition Applications (LCAs - used in H-1B and PERM cases) and related Public Access Files (PAFs). The LCA serves to notify all "affected" employees of an employer’s plans to hire foreign workers, to help ensure those workers don’t displace US employees.

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Sample I-9 Notice of Inspection (ICE)

Posted by Tracker Corp on Aug 20, 2019 11:20:34 AM


Have you ever wondered what an I-9 Notice of Inspection (NOI) from U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) looks like? 

We created a helpful sample NOI compiled from a number of real notices received by Tracker clients over the past several years.  

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5 Steps to Prepare for an ICE Audit

Posted by Tracker Corp on Aug 13, 2019 3:58:51 PM

ICE has issued an unprecedented number of I-9 audits over the last three weeks, totaling 3,282 NOI’s to employers across the country. The recent wave of audits target hospitality, agriculture, food processing, health care, landscaping and construction industries.  It is anticipated that thousands more audits will be issued in the coming weeks.

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Tracker Corp partners with Microsoft to achieve industry-leading scalability and application availability

Posted by Tracker Corp on Jul 11, 2019 8:51:00 AM


Newly expanded partnership with Microsoft Azure will leverage cloud infrastructure for increased platform efficiencies. 

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. – July 11, 2019 – Today, Tracker Corp announced it is expanding its strategic partnership with Microsoft Corp. to further establish the company’s commitment to on-demand scalability and availability, ensuring a more efficient and secure application experience for its clients worldwide. Tracker Corp, developer of ImmigrationTracker and Tracker I-9 applications, has chosen Microsoft as its strategic cloud provider, tapping into Microsoft Azure’s wide range of cloud tools.  

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ImmigrationTracker Unveils New User Interface and SOC 2 Compliance

Posted by Tracker Corp on Jun 24, 2019 10:07:22 AM

ImmigrationTracker Unveils Major Investments: New User Interface and SOC 2 Compliance - 30+ feature updates, modernized look and highest data security undertaken by the immigration management software used by thousands of employers since 2001.

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Tracker Corp Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Audit

Posted by Tracker Corp on Nov 13, 2018 12:19:52 PM

San Francisco, CA (November 6, 2018)
-- Tracker Corp today announced that the company has attained optimal results in its SOC 2 Type 1 Audit, verifying that the company has been upholding high standards of data security for its customers and partners. The Independent Service Auditor’s Report focuses on multiple controls relevant to data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. A full SOC 2 Type 2 audit will be completed by mid-2019.

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ICE Delivers 5,200 I-9 Audit Notices Nationwide

Posted by Tracker Corp on Jul 25, 2018 9:28:00 AM

Source: - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

WASHINGTON — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announced the results of a two-phase nationwide operation in which I-9 audit notices were served to more than 5,200 businesses across the U.S since January 2018.  A Notice of Inspection (NOI) informs business owners that ICE is going to audit their hiring records to determine whether they are complying with existing law.  

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What Is GDPR and Why Does It Matter?

Posted by Tracker Corp on Jun 12, 2018 12:03:00 PM

On May 25, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect. Companies that collect or process data about individuals in European Union (EU) countries, even companies based outside of the EU, will need to comply with a new set of rules addressing data collection and privacy. Like many companies that collect sensitive personal information, Tracker Corp has been preparing for this transition for quite some time. Complying with GDPR has led us to examine many of our core processes, ultimately driving our our team to make improvements to our data collection, storage, and usage systems accordingly.

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