Have you ever wondered what an I-9 Notice of Inspection (NOI) from U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) looks like? 

We created a helpful sample NOI compiled from a number of real notices received by Tracker clients over the past several years.  

ICE Audit:  The Process

An ICE Audit is initiated when an ICE agent arrives at an organization to serve a Notice of Inspection (NOI). The person receiving service of the NOI will need to sign a document acknowledging receipt. Tracker Corp has supported companies through many I-9 audits and we suggest that you take NOI’s very seriously.  If you receive an audit notice, it is imperative that you act immediately and acquire the guidance of a legal compliance professional who can guide you through the ICE inspection process.  For more information on establishing your internal response process, read 5 Steps to Prepare for an ICE Audit.

* It’s important to note that an NOI may be presented in person by an ICE or federal representative OR sent via certified mail.  Therefore, it's imperative that your team have a clear NOI response protocol in place, prior to receiving a federal notice.  

Below is a high-level overview of the I-9 inspection process and what your team may be required to do in the event that you receive an NOI.  Learn more about the I-9 and Inspection Process.

ICE Audit Process-01


For educational reference, we've created the following NOI sample from a number of real NOIs received by Tracker clients over the past several years.  This is a representation of what a company might receive from an ICE or federal agent.




Example NOI-02

As you can see, a Notice of Inspection typically requires a significant amount of supporting documentation.  For this reason, it is crucial that every organization make Form I-9 Compliance an ongoing priority throughout the year.  A well-prepared and well-documented team can proactively decrease the risk of fine errors in the event of a federal audit.  

You’ll also notice that ICE requests specific information regarding the Form I-9 system of management.  If your company utilizes an electronic I-9 solution, ICE will require your team to divulge information about that specific vendor and platform.  A good electronic I-9 vendor will have a 'standard response package' that the vendor has successfully utilized and tested in a live audit.  It's important that this response package has proven to completely satisfy ICE's audit requirements - being served a Notice of Inspection can be a scary and nerve-racking event.  This is not the time to  your I-9 vendor should be "testing" their response skills.  Your partner vendor should be well-equipped with extensive experience working through ICE audit processes. 

Just as your I-9 vendor will provide assistance with communication to ICE, a well designed electronic I-9 system will save significant amounts of time by easily extracting records, building proper reports, and exporting audit trails.

Tracker is proud to offer the only I-9 Compliance Software with a perfect 16+ year track record of zero client finds in federal and ICE audits.  We specialize in preparing, maintaining, and defending Form I-9s in the event of any audit.

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